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Writing King Review: How I found out about writing king

As a Law student one does not have much time when having to juggle a part time job with a social life and all the essay writing that comes with studying. So when one horrible couple of weeks when I had three exams and four essays to write I found myself in a terrible state of panic. This is when I bumped into an older Law student who asked why I looked so manic when I was waiting for a coffee. I told him my current problem with my lack of time and he told me about the service called writingking. At first I was skeptical about it and did not think too much about using writingking however as deadlines got closer I decided to check it out before it was too late.

What attracted me to writingking

When entering the writingking website you immediately can tell its a professional service. Writing king ensures that the quality of the essays that they produce is premium, that the service is quick and that the professionals behind the essay writing are competent. They also have great policies and procedures in place that make sure that you know that your work is being taken seriously such as a 24 hour call hotline and a personal helper that works with you from start to finish. The greatest part of the service however is the fact that they can compose any type of paper over multiple referencing styles which is why I believe writingking is the whole package.

My experience with writingking

Now on my second year of Law I can safely say that I would not have been able to perform as well as I did the past year without this service. Writingking has allowed myself to spend more time socialising and during times of large workload, to be able to cope with the stress of student life. The pricing is great and over the time I have used writingking it has delivered an on-time and quality service.